Protected Areas Management

One of the main topics of the One Nature Project is to ensure the conditions for sufficient and necessary protected areas management in order to preserve or improve their biodiversity and ecosystem services, and generally to protect endangered species and habitats effectively.

Thanks to well-established cooperation with land owners and land users in protected areas, the basic principles of the management cycle will be adhered to, including appropriate and necessary measures such as e.g. planting or cutting trees and shrubs, creating and restoring pools and littoral vegetation, building or restoring fish passes, revitalization of small watercourses and floodplains, restoration of water regime in peat bogs and spring areas, restoration of forest-free areas through pasture or mowing, disturbance management in non-forest areas or removal of invasive plant and animal species.

Thanks to the One Nature Project, two innovative and unusual management practices will be tested in practice in selected protected areas, namely the management of oak-hornbeam trees by coppicing and other ways and grazing livestock in the forest.

The Nature Conservation Agency of the Czech Republic has issued and is continuously updating the nature and landscape management standards (only in Czech). It is a recommendation and a technical description of procedures of individual measures carried out in nature and landscape management.

The management plan is an expert and strategic document of nature protection. Based on data on the development and current status of the specially protected area, it proposes measures to preserve or improve the status of the target feature in the specially protected area and to secure such area against adverse effects of surroundings in its buffer zone.


Financing the Protected Areas Management

The One Nature project also includes the mobilization of funds to provide the above-described management. Currently, specific measures can be funded from various grant programmes supporting nature and landscape management (only in Czech):

  • Landscape Management Programme
  • The Support for Restoration of Natural Landscape Functions Programme
  • The Management of Inalienable State Property in Specially Protected Areas Sub-programme
  • Ministry of the Environment, Damage Liquidation after Natural Disasters
  • National Programme Environment
  • forest management contributions
  • national water management programmes of the Ministry of Agriculture
  • Operational Programme Environment
  • Rural Development Programme (RDP)
  • The LIFE Programme
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