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23. 2. 2022
Chemical eradication of invasive Reynoutria scattered in forest stands and riverbanks in the Niva Morávky SCI.

We ensured management of almost 50 protected species and habitats of the Natura 2000 system

In the past year, the One Nature project succeeded in taking more than 1,000 different measures in 84 sites under European protection in the Czech Republic […]
3. 2. 2022
Z komunikačního školení o metodě nenásilné komunikace, praktické cvičení. Foto: Linda Blättner

Better communication is the basis for better cooperation

We have prepared specialised communication training for the Nature Conservation Agency staff who meet with owners and users of land in protected areas and negotiate with […]
26. 11. 2021
The detail of the Consolidated Layer of Ecosystems for the municipality of Holice

We have updated the Consolidated Layer of Ecosystems

The first version of the Consolidated Layer of Ecosystems was compiled by the Nature Conservation Agency of the Czech Republic in cooperation with CzechGlobe and the […]
15. 10. 2021
Figure 2: Prioritization of ecosystem services in response to the question: "So far, two benefits of nature (Climate Regulation, Physical and Mental Experiences) have been selected for detailed assessment and elaboration of the methodology. Which other benefits (max. 5) should we focus on in the Project to make the outcomes as useful as possible for you and your institution in your practice?" (total number of votes: 215)

We are raising awareness of ecosystem services

The One Nature Project is working hard to put the concept of ecosystem services into practice. Last year and this year, researchers from the Global Change […]
4. 10. 2021
Novinky projektu Jedna příroda č. 2

The One Nature Project is getting to the end of its first phase

With the first phase of the One Nature Project coming to an end, we are publishing another issue of One Nature Project News (Czech version only) […]
30. 7. 2021
Forest grazing in the Hadce u Želivky National Nature Monument. Photo by Ondřej Pašek,

We meet other Czech LIFE projects

There is a constant need to keep up with latest knowledge and experience when it comes to ensuring appropriate and effective management of protected areas, not […]
19. 7. 2021

We are preparing the first round of case studies workshops to evaluate the benefits of ecosystem services

The project staff from the CzechGlobe organization are preparing case studies which shall show the usability of the analysis of ecosystem services and the values ​​of […]
14. 6. 2021
From the ESP Conference 2021

The One Nature Project presented itself at the ESP Europe Conference

On 7 to 10 June 2021, the third Ecosystem Services Partnership (ESP) Europe Conference entitled “Ecosystem Services Science, Politics and Practice in the Face of Global […]
7. 6. 2021
From the webinar about ecosystem services evaluation in the One Nature project

We have completed the second round of participatory meetings about the evaluation of ecosystem services

In the second half of May 2021, researchers from the Global Change Research Institute (CzechGlobe) and the Charles University Environment Centre, in cooperation with the Ministry […]
13. 5. 2021
Spolupráce s vlastníky a hospodáři

The new methodical guidelines focus on better communication with owners and users in valuable areas

Well-set cooperation and functional relationships among different actors are the alpha and omega in the management of protected areas. Therefore, thanks to the One Nature project, […]
15. 3. 2021
Board in the U hájenky SCI

We install information boards

Thanks to our project, we carry out various measures in selected sites of community importance (SCIs) and special protection areas (SPAs) throughout the Czech Republic to […]
14. 1. 2021

Do you know where nature takes precedence in the Czech Republic?

Czech society broadly supports nature conservation, yet according to the latest sociological surveys, it is still groping for key terms. Most Czechs do not understand tems […]
21. 12. 2020
Blooming endemic Minuartia smejkalii. Photo:

Three examples of how the LIFE Programme supports Czech nature conservation

Last week, we presented three examples of projects funded by the Operational Programme Environment. This time we will focus on projects supported by the LIFE Programme […]
17. 12. 2020
Cutting in the Dobrná SCI to support conditions for the northern crested newt. Photo by: Zdeňka Parýzková

Pruning of unwanted trees is done from summer to winter

The dog rose, blackthorn, mahaleb cherry, common broom or some prunuses are undoubtedly beautiful trees and shrubs at a glance. However, they sometimes grow in places […]
17. 12. 2020
Mowing at Na Požárech SCI, supported by the OPE. Photo: Project website, the NCA

The OPE has long supported projects in nature and landscape protection

The implementation of measures in protected areas of the Natura 2000 network which aim to maintain or improve the status of local target features, i.e. individual […]
3. 12. 2020
At the webinar on the evaluation of ecosystem services in the One Nature project

We have completed the first round of participatory meetings on evaluation of ecosystem services

Representatives of the Global Change Research Institute of the Czech Academy of Sciences (CzechGlobe) and Charles University Environment centre (CUEC) in cooperation with the Czech Ministry […]
2. 12. 2020
One of the ten digged round pools in the Beskydy Site of Community Importance. Photo by: Martin Škrott

Natural pools return water to the landscape and help fight drought

They are an integral part of Czech nature and thanks to them, every place comes alive as they become home to amphibians and other species, and […]
20. 11. 2020
A picture from Petr Havel's introductory presentation

We organized the first webinar of the One Nature project

The first educational event of the One Nature project called The Czech Story of the Natura 2000 Network took place on 12th and 13th November 2020. […]
18. 11. 2020
The Niva Nemanického potoka SCI - after mowing. Photo by: Kateřina Marková

Mowing protects valuable habitats as well as individual plant and animal species

Meadows, pastures and other areas with grasslands are among the most species-rich communities. Most of them were created through the management of deforested land by humans […]
7. 10. 2020
Obálky české a anglické verez letáku o projektu Jedna příroda

The leaflet about the project is done

We will soon be able to inform you about the One Nature project thanks to a printed leaflet, which we have published in Czech and English. […]
30. 9. 2020
Experimental area for innovative management in the SCI Hodonínská doubrava, photo by: Tereza Kočárková

A long-term experiment begins in the forest of the SCI Hodonínská doubrava

On a unique gravel-sand subsoil in the central part of the Dolnomoravský úval (Lower Morava Valley), in the area between Hodonín, Dubňany and Mutěnice, there is […]
17. 9. 2020

How to approach the benefits of the Natura 2000 network?

Project workers from the Global Change Research Institute of the Czech Academy of Sciences – CzechGlobe, in cooperation with other partners, have developed and defined a […]
14. 7. 2020
Marking in the coppice forest in Karlštejn-Koda National Nature Reserve. Photo by: Tereza Kočárková

In forest nature management, we use almost forgotten measures

Mowing, environment-friendly grazing, tree planting. These are examples of more traditional farming methods which preserve biodiversity or improve the statuses of protected areas and individual protected […]
3. 7. 2020
Setkání pracovníků ochrany přírody, projekt Jedna příroda

We have determined the nature conservation workers’ educational needs

There is never enough further education. That applies to experienced workers of the Czech nature conservation authorities, too. That is why the One Nature project is […]
20. 1. 2020
NPR Koda

Creating a database of key actors

Employees of the Global Change Research Institute of the Czech Academy of Sciences (CzechGlobe) and the Charles University Environment Centre in cooperation with other partners of […]