Project Team

Five organizations are working on the One Nature project and around 70 experts participate in monitoring and management of protected areas, evaluating ecosystem services, education, project promotion and management.

Ministry of the Environment of the Czech Republic

is the central state authority for environmental affairs, including nature and landscape protection, in the Czech Republic. It defines and establishes Natura 2000 network sites, supervises their management and monitoring of species and habitats. It provides methodological guidance to conservation authorities and participates in the creation and administration of financial systems at national and European levels. The Ministry is the coordinating beneficiary of the One Nature project and participates especially in management and monitoring activities and networking with other projects financed from the LIFE Programme and other grant sources. In particular, it will analyse financial resources for the Natura 2000 network, assess the coverage of needs identified in the Priority Action Framework and make a proposal for their possible coverage. It will also ensure promotion of the project through creation and administration of its website, support of the communication activities of other partners, etc.

Pavel Gruntorád, Chief Project Manager, +420 606 608 039, +420 267 122 315,

Radka Broumová, Action Coordinator, +420 725 326 982, +420 267 122 125,

Monika Lapáčková, hlavní finanční manažerka, 725 755 715, 267 122 587,

Jitka Kozubková, Project PR manager, +420 730 195 473, +420 267 122 365,


Nature Conservation Agency of the Czech Republic

is a governmental body that provides professional and practical nature and landscape management in the Czech Republic. It conducts a state administration in the protected areas entrusted to it, elaborates management plans and ensures management of these areas. It is responsible for the preparation and delimitation of the Natura 2000 network in the Czech Republic and it documents the nature and landscape status. The NCA is an associated beneficiary and is responsible for the active preparation and verification of a system of communication with land owners and users in the protected areas, for monitoring the bird and other species and natural habitats and for evaluating the status of individual Special Protection Areas and Sites of Community Importance. It will also ensure the Natura 2000 sites management and verify innovative management in 20 selected areas. It will prepare educational programmes for nature conservation staff and ensure the project presentation through publications and articles.

Zdeněk Brož, Project Manager, +420 605 348 204, +420 283 069 268,

Linda Zachystalová, PR manager, +420 724 155 777,


Biology Centre of the CAS, Soil & Water Research Infrastructure

is a research institution established in 2016. It focuses on a comprehensive monitoring of soil and aquatic ecosystems in the context of sustainable land use and a detailed examination of biotic and abiotic processes and comprehensive interactions between soil and aquatic ecosystems, from microscopic to landscape levels, with particular emphasis on systems under anthropogenic pressure. SoWa is an associated beneficiary and its tasks within the project are to develop and update a knowledge basis for assessing socio-economic benefits (especially ecosystem services) and to collaborate on the biophysical assessment of the socio-economic benefits and costs of the Natura 2000 network.

Jan Frouz, expert in ecology and ecosystem services, +420 725 653 058,

Věra Ježková, PR Manager, +420 387 775 853,


Charles University Environment Centre

is a research institute of Charles University which, with the support of grants from international and national sources, develops scientific knowledge in the field of environment and sustainable development. An integral part of the Centre´s activities is also university teaching, leading diploma and doctoral theses, creating international networks of cooperation in teaching and research and issuing its own publications and periodicals. The Centre is an associated beneficiary and within the project, it contributes to evaluation of the social benefits provided by the Natura 2000 network, especially in the context of ecosystem services, and it also evaluates the project impacts. It cooperates on several case studies carried out within the project and on the preparation and organization of training courses for nature conservation authorities. It also participates in the preparation of information materials about the benefits of the Natura 2000 network for society and formulation of scientific knowledge for the public. The main results will also be presented in specialised articles.

Jan Weinzettel, Project Manager, +420 732 356 531, +420 220 199 476,

Kateřina Kaprová, Expert in Ecosystem Services Assessment, +420 723 506 731, +420 220 199 466,


Global Change Research Institute of the Czech Academy of Sciences (CzechGlobe)

is a public research institution. It focuses on global change, namely climate change in terms of climate development and its scenarios, impacts on ecosystems and the role of human society, including identification of the impacts of environmental changes on the quality of life and behaviour of society. CzechGlobe is an associated beneficiary and participates mainly in the overall evaluation of the benefits of the Natura 2000 network, including coordination and performing case studies testing the usability of ecosystem services. It cooperates in the creation of a database of biophysical and economic evaluation of the socio-economic benefits and costs of the Natura 2000 network. It will also prepare a short film documentary on ecosystem services and source materials for planned training sessions.

Davina Vačkářová, Project and PR manager, +420 601 383 185,

Simona Zvěřinová, Project assistant, +420 703 828 756,

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